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Online Food App Services
Sometimes restaurants partner with online food app services to place their restaurant in their application. In this case, restaurants just focus on preparing the order. The app services provide the riders who deliver the food to the consumer.

Food Delivery is a total online ordering solution designed specifically for takeaways. Its components are A branded website complete with online menu and payment gateway, SMS printer that prints every confirmed order, Integrated social media pages on Facebook and Twitter, ePOS integration etc

Rafeeq - Qatari Food Delivery platform allows customers to order food from their favorite Restaurants across Qatar and get it delivered to their door step. Rafeeq delivers across Qatar From 7.00AM to 3.00 AM.

Zomato allows the customers to see what restaurants are near them, along with the ratings the restaurant has received in their food.

Uber Eats delivers the food in special lunch bags that make sure the food remains hot or cold. It allows the customers to monitor the progress of the food, as well as, the location of the driver delivering the food. Uber Eats has expanded to the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

Talabat allows the customers to request their food deliveries at different times and shows them food menus with pictures on them.

In March 2018, the Toronto based mobile App Ritual adopted an aggressive strategy of sign up incentives to capture a significant portion of the City of London young professional lunch market. At the time of writing, the long term success of this strategy remains unclear. Ritual however has also attracted controversy by allowing random strangers to access users precise work place location and eating habits.

Food Riders
The riders for the app services independent contractors because they have the flexibility to choose when they work.As independent contractors, they earn $6 an hour or more. In Australia, specifically riders for the food app of Foodora, consider themselves employees because they sometimes work full time hours, are required to wear uniforms, and do set shifts.

Food delivery riders do not usually get any insurance cover or sick pay, since they are independent contractors. Deliveroo chose to give the riders insurance in the United Kingdom. The insurance consisted of the rider paying $1.85 per week, which covers his or her days of sickness. Deliveroo will pay the riders 75% of their income in days off because of injury caused at work.

Food delivery riders are not provided with protective gear or means to help themselves if they get injured on the job, therefore, they have asked for more improve safety standards. Deliveroo gave riders a helmet with a GoPro camera to record any problems they may face, specifically with criminals. The riders have the opportunity to raise safety concerns about delivery areas in the app.

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